Original Writings

Some stuff I've authored...
(Caveat Reader: The words you read below reflect my thoughts/feelings/beliefs at the time I wrote them. I hope I've evolved since then, however--which means these words may not reflect my current perspectives.)

Insights from 10 Days in Silence  NEW!
Art, "Sleep", and Consciousness
Spiritual Autobiography for Pachamama Trip to the Ecuadorian Rainforest
Email Home: My First Trip to Ecuador and the Amazon
Depressed?  (You give me hope.)
A Dark & Rainy February, 2000
A Laugh to Lighten You After Those Last Two (takes about 30 sec to load via DSL :)
RealAudio clip (related to the above two pieces) on The Winter Blues--including how to beat them
This Happened to Me!
To Know The Truth
Spirit Into Sound - notes from Mickey Hart
The Pebble
My Mask
Woodstock '99: You Were There!
Bill & Monica: My Bad (...and yours?)
Your Pride or Your Life: What Is Cancer Really? (explores your relationship with yourself, dis-ease, and forgiveness)
Dancing with Death (explores your relationship with yourself and life)
Cancer, Death, Two Seeds, Many Gifts... (explores your relationship with yourself and death)
Whew!  Let's Lighten Up Even More! (takes about 1 min to load via DSL :)
Nirvana in Two Words - notes from H.H. The Dali Lama
The Reality Illusion
Personal Thoughts about Myself, Life, etc. (Blog)

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