To Know The Truth

It's not easy
To be awake
Amongst a world
Of sleepwalkers

To know The Truth
Can be a dangerous thing

Look how they treated Copernicus
Especially for nearly 200 years after he died

Do you think he could have felt good
About himself
Amongst a world
Unready to accept

His awareness that they were not the center of the universe?

Caught in a purgatory
Halfway between
My brothers and sisters
And The Divine Truth

I stand apart
Unable to be with either fully
And hating myself
For what I cannot deny

Do you think Copernicus
Knew he was Copernicus,
Or did he just feel
Crazy, alone and unwanted?

To know The Truth
Can be a dangerous thing

Unable to go back
One faces no choice
But to go forward
Seeking deeper truth

Hoping desperately...
That whoever said,
"The Truth will set you free"
Was sane and sober at the time

~ Rich Raffals, 11/7/02 ~

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