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Try something fresh, fun, illuminating and powerful....

Experience what coaching can do for you with a complimentary, 30 minute coaching call.  It may be the best thing you do for yourself all year! Do it now!>



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Why are you here?  For what higher purpose have you been born...?  Has the time come for you to discover and live the answers to these questions?  Want to do it in a new, Magical way...leveraging the latest quantum physics research ("What the BLEEP!?") to manifest your highest intention without the fear and effort of the old paradigm...?  New offering: Vibrational Coaching!


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Not receiving the love or intimacy you want?  Would new competencies in the areas of communication, boundaries, listening, or conflict resolution help you through a rough patch or rekindle the spark?  Might clearing fears or limiting beliefs allow you to attract, enjoy and sustain the perfect partnership?


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Deeply concerened by what's currently transpiring on the planet?  Has the time come to direct your talents, skills and passions toward your part of a solution?  Ready to play a Bigger Game in service of your Dream or Vision (or to find it)?  To transform both the world and yourself in the process?  The Bigger Game is a revolutionary new model for leadership, personal evolution and social change. More on Leadership/Bigger Game Coaching>

After years studying various models from the top coaching schools, and helping develop a new one (The Bigger Game Model) with one of the founders of The Coaching Training Institute, I have developed a unique coaching model that incorporates the best of the other models, yet is aligned with what I consider some of the highest wisdom on the planet.  Together, we will consciously design the optimal coaching relationship for you, from the ground up, to best fit your evolving values and personality...and then employ these state-of-the-art techniques to create your preferred life experience!  Your customized personal coaching can be augmented with any component of the Wellness offerings, as appropriate or requested, at no extra charge.

Upgraded yet again: Vibrational Coaching (available 8/2014)