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Influenced by travel in 20+ countries, including extended time with myriad teachers, healers and shamans in the Amazon Jungle, Ecuadorian Andes, Palawan Rainforest, India, Hawaii and across mainland US, a richly synergistic mix of wellness and purification modalities are offered for your Body, Mind, Spirit, Home.

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N.America-originated Re-evalutation Counseling facilitates the full expression and discharge of emotional distress.  When the rigidified patterns of thought, feeling and behavior that are held in place by these unexpressed emotions give way, one's full clarity, intelligence, zestful-loving nature, creativity, and power are restored.  Specializing in sexual, relationship, and gender-specific distresses, including liberation from men's oppression.


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After a short, personal consultation, we will select one (or a synergistic combination) of...

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu: China-originated, chi- /meridian- based precursor to acupuncture; for specific bodily/emotional symptoms, illness and localized injuries
  • Reiki: Japan-originated, chi-/life force-based; rebalances, cleanses and renews the internal energy system; also for localized injuries
  • Human/Universal Energy: Vietnam-originated, chakra-based; raises vibrational frequency at cellular level; releases negative energies, clinging entities
  • Shamanic: Worldwide/indigenous culture-originated; journeying for guidance, solutions or power/power animal retrieval; smudging and other methods for cleansing/purification of persons, places and objects


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All healing modalities can be supplemented with Sound-Vibrational Healing (Australian didjeridu, Ecuadorian rattles, Tibetian chimes) well as Natural Remedy suggestions (plants-herbal, aromatherapy, foods-spices, etc).  Separate Natural Remedy-Dietary Consultations can scheduled as well.Free Examples>

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