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Rich has facilitated hundreds of powerful, productive and often transformative and healing group experiences with thousands of people: Corporate board meetings, company mission planning/visioning retreats; Councils and wisdom circles with incarcerated teens, adults of a spiritual community, and board members of a non-profit organization; Family meetings between parents and teens; Relationship reconciliations; Experiential learning experiences with middle- and high- school students; Drum circles and musical play with grade school children; In-person and tele-conferenced workshops and peer support groups for those in transition, grief, etc.

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Skillfully focused dialog for team, group, and individual visioning, brain-storming, and problem solving.

Optional use of guided imagery to access right brain creativity and imagination.
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Fun rhythmic experiences transcend cultural and age boundaries.  For all experience levels.More>


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We each contain a flicker of that Wisdom at the heart of all creation.  Isolated and unsupported, it is but a small spark.  United with others, individual sparks grow into a flame of illumination for every participant.  This strength sustains and renews each of us, our communities, society and the Earth.  Gathering mindfully enables us to move deeply into the core of ourselves that continues to survive, hope and dream. Example>


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Have a multi-person issue you'd like to resolve with grace and elegance?  Want everyone to walk away feeling heard, connected, respected and understood?  Call for expert mediation or facilitation, and leave empowered with valuable new competencies in nonviolent communication and problem/conflict resolution.