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Client: Yahoo! Front Page/International GroupClick to toggle display of project details

This project was a Web 2.0 Application, coded from start to finish, that creatives who don't necessarily know HTML, etc. (internal employees and chosen vendors) use to create content/modules for use on Yahoo's US Front Page – the most trafficked page on the internet at that time (may still be :).

This Web App employs Object-Oriented JavaScript/AJAX/JSON, the Yahoo User Interface (YUI) open-source JavaScript and CSS libraries, Object-Oriented PHP5, MySQL DBs, XHTML/CSS, and XML/XSLT templates on Unix/Linux/CVS platforms.  It has a built-in, real-time preview system for both the module being developed, and how the current Front Page will look when the new module is added.  An integrated Help/FAQ system is also built into the Application.  At time of completion, this internal tool was also already planned for use by Yahoo's Argentina, Mexico, Singapore, and Telemundo Front Pages, as well as by other groups with pages subordinate to both the US Front Page and some of the foreign Yahoo! Front Pages.

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Client: Yahoo! Mail/Anti-Spam GroupClick to toggle display of project details

When you (or anyone, anywhere in the world) clicks on "Report as Spam" or "Not Spam" in Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Messenger, etc...that information (along with similar info from several other sources) goes into a huge database. This huge database tracks information like the "spammer/hacker reputation" of the sender and the server where the email originated, all minute by minute, 24/7, world-wide, in real time.

Project 1)  The tool I first worked on for the Mail/Anti-Spam team allows Engineers, Managers, and the Customer Care team (the folks that answer the phones at Yahoo!) to access that wealth of information in a simple, intuitive, secure and expedient manner.  This allows Customer Care to tell you just what's happening when you call in, Engineers to respond quickly to new spam/hacker/phishing threats as they arise, and Managers to analyze spam trends as well as effectiveness of Yahoo! Anti-Spam technologies and protocols.  This tool leverages Object-Oriented PHP5, DHTML/CSS/JavaScript/AJAX, Yahoo User Interface (YUI) public JavaScript and CSS libraries, Apache, Firebug and MySQL technologies...along with several Yahoo-proprietary technologies and systems...on Unix/Subversion (SVN) platforms.

Project 2) For the same group, I designed and implemented a next-generation Anti-Spam Web Application, that manages both human-specified and real-time, proprietary, AI-model-generated email domain reputations.  This is a 100% AJAX Web Application built on top of an extremely lightweight, reusable, MVC architecture framework.  I hand-coded both the Anti-Spam Web Application, and the MVC framework that it sits upon, from zero to completion.  A built-in system for debug, testing, and for developers to learn what's going on under the hood is included.  The framework is a template for rapid development and deployment of future tools, and its structure and extensive documentation teaches state-of-the-art MVC collaboration and software design practices.  This tool leverages all the above technologies, plus FirePHP, the jQuery JavaScript library and some jQuery plugins.

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Client: Altera Corporate Online Marketing GroupClick to toggle display of project details

Project 1) Redesign of Altera Corporate Websites  — Separate sites for US, Japan and China; separate sites for secure and non-secure domains; geo-specific videos by region of country or groups of country (eg, European-only); integrated podcasts and press releases as animated news feeds.  Entailed significant back-end, infrastructure programming (Perl, Java) to interface with existing CMS, and other internal legacy processes, yet provide a path for upward expansion and future flexibility.

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Project 2) Server File Updater Web Application  — Coded from start to finish in Java, HTML5/CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery; included integrated help and documentation for both users and developers.  The application allows non-programmers on the team to update important configuration files on various Altera private/development and public/production web servers via a simple web interface, verify the validity of the changes in a temporary environment before touching the official server files, and then update and reload the config files on multiple development and production servers with the verified changes applied, all with a couple mouse clicks.  It also creates a log of which users made which changes when and includes hooks for future expansion to automate backing out of these changes.  This reduced errors and related server security exposures (previously a problem) to zero!  It also reduced the amount of time/effort required from the online marketing group by about 1200%.  (Previously 4 different config files on 3 different servers, ie 12 files total, would need to be hand-edited, manually-verified, and manually uploaded to the proper servers, one at a time.)

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Project 3) Online Knowledge Base Document Merge, Sorting, Categorization and Client-side Display Features  — Expanded and enhanced functionality and usability features to existing online knowledge database.  Heavy Java and jQuery programming.  More info available upon request.  Further details and screenshots forthcoming.

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In addition to the website you're currently viewing — hand-coded entirely in
Object-Oriented PHP (without a framework), JavaScript/jQuery, Perl, and MySQL —
I've also worked on these sites and web applications:

The DORC (Digital ORaCle) Demo Front-End Web Application > UI for Fictious Smart Meter Customer (click "Info" button for project description) Demo Back-End Web Application > Web Search > Social Networking Web Application for Teens (integrated with Facebook) > Site website empowers non-tech owner to control/ edit dynamic content and manage business via CMS and custom-designed, private/ secure Web 2.0 applications (via OO PHP, MySQL, OO JavaScript, XHTML/CSS, Apache, Photoshop) > Low Budget Site/Tools empower therapist to sell products, add web pages, edit  existing pages, track visitors (via Google Analytics), and manage passive income business (via Google AdSense and similar ads; PHP, jQuery/JavaScript, XHTML/CSS, GIMP)> Multimedia site was developed under aggressive schedule and extremely low budget using Dreamweaver templates, XHTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and Photoshop. RSS 2.0/XML Podcasts, uploadable by owner Content created completely by owner Music uploads by owner equal downloads for users Content updated frequently by owner (Now: > Low Budget Site for Non-Profit describes programs, receives donations, enables exchange of information between instructors and students, etc. > Low-budget site gives writer from Spain the ability to modify her own content via open-source GUI Content Management System (all development correspondence, with client and hosting company done in Spanish)