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2015 Healing & Higher Consciousness Events

We're immersed in a time of immense and accelerating transformation, a new world struggling to emerge.  Whether this unfolds in a life enhancing or morally bankrupt and destrutive direction is criticially dependent on how consciously we participate in our personal and collective metamorphoses.  I believe that the assumptions we choose to embrace the universe with, and the quality of consciousness from which we dream them, will affect the universe that reveals itself to us....

Forming bonds of belonging, building a supportive community of beautiful people, and evolving the consciousness with which we birth our new selves, lives, and the mission of the House of Healing & Higher Consciousness.

Keep an eye on this page: Cacao Plant Spirit Ceremonies with Sound Healing, Spiritual Movie Nights, Yoga/Meditation, Spanish Language Parties, Didjeridu Sound Healings, Drumming Classes, Music Jam Potlucks, Tarot, Men's Group, Wisdom Circles, TaKeTiNa, Massage Swaps.  Those are the current ideas for future events at various locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Please for what you'd like to see, whether it's listed or not.

** What we need to offer these kinds of experiences more regularly is an assistant to help organize them.  Please if you or someone you know is interested in helping organize these kinds of events — and attending for free!

Further event details and sign-up info will be posted here soon....  In the meantime, please feel free to : I've already received some requests in that regard for the Sound Healings, and will consider all time/location requests I receive in scheduling future events. :)

2015 Healing & Consciousness-Expanding Events
  • Sun, 7pm, Mar 22 - Sound Healing/Meditation at Prajna, Belmont

  • TBD - Cacao Plant Medicine Journey with Sound Healing
            (Cacao on order from shamanic growers in Peru; please inquire)
  • TBD - Spiritual Movie/Discussion: Thrive (please inquire)
  • TBD - Sound Healing Trance Dance Party, with Live Didg/Drumming (please inquire)
  • TBD - Spiritual Movie/Discussion: The Economics of Happiness (please inquire)
  • More coming soon...please call or for latest info.

  • Individual Offerings
    Ask about Special Discounts for Private, Customized Sessions (for those who want to do deeper healing/growth/transformational work):

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