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Coaching is specifically focused on doing, being and having precisely what one wants in life.  Giving the gift of coaching is partnering the recipient with a professional who will work one-on-one with him/her, first to clarify just what would bring him/her the deepest fulfillment, and then to make it happen.  The vehicle for "making it happen" is a simple, unique and powerfully proactive alliance, specifically designed to meet the needs of the coaching client.  There may be no better way to give someone you care about what they most desire for themselves and their life...and what better gift than that?!  [ Click to learn more about coaching. ]

Other reasons why a coaching gift certificate is a great gift idea for...

Your Recipient: Can reside anywhere in the world!
You: Quick, easy - You're done in less than 5 minutes.
You also get a Giver's Discount and the joy of seeing the recipient
realize his/her dream.
No driving/stores/crowds/parking/stress.
The Environment: Send the certificate electronically (no trees, no car)...
Or, print and give as a scroll, send in a card, etc. (no car)

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and Mind/Body/Spirit Wellness

How it Works:  When you submit this form, you'll receive an email confirmation of your order.  Then, just fill out the downloadable gift certificate and send it!  (You can edit the gift certificate electronically and send it immediately as an email attachment...or you can print it out, hand deliver it as a scroll tied with some string, send it with a traditional card, etc.)  Your gift certificate will become validated when your payment is received, at which time the recipient may schedule his/her coaching sessions.  (Since the coaching is done over the phone, the recipient can be anywhere in the world!)

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Included in your gift: One 30 minute phone coaching session per week, 1 unscheduled 5-10 minute "quickie call" per week (for anything urgent that might come up in between the scheduled sessions), intake self-discovery exercises, and any behind-the-scenes prep-work, resource gathering, and emails which are deemed appropriate by the coach.  What is Coaching?


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 NEW! Call for info: Gift Certificates for Sound Healing, Customized Technology/Computer Help,
and Mind/Body/Spirit Wellness

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