How To Fill Out and Email (or Print) a Gift Certificate

If clicking on "View Gift Certificate" brings up CoachGC.doc in your word processor...
Follow the "Edit/Send" instructions below.

If clicking on "View Gift Certificate" does not bring up a word processor on your system...
Click on "Download Gift Certificate" and save the file as "CoachGC.doc" (keep track of where you save it).  Then, open that file with MS-Word (or any word processor program which can read/write MS-Word .doc files) and follow the "Edit/Send" instructions below.

** Use "File->Print Preview" to View Certificate in MS-Word **

To Edit/Send:
Note - You can skip this and the next step if you'd rather just print the certificate and fill in the fields by hand.  :-)
     In MS-Word (or other word processor), edit CoachGC.doc to replace the three blank fields on the certificate with your specifics, and save the file (keep track of where you save it).  You can then email it as an attachment to your recipient, or print and give it in paper form.

To Email CoachGC.doc as an Attachment:
     You can either use "File->Send To->Mail Recipient" from within MS-Word, or go into your mail program, compose a new message, write a nice greeting, and attach the CoachGC.doc file you just saved.

To Print CoachGC.doc:
     Put some nice paper (colored, heavy bond, etc.) in your printer, set your printer to its highest quality print resolution (usually "File->Print->Properties" in MS-Word), and print.  (A nice way to give the certificate is rolled into a scroll and tied off with some twine or yarn.  :-)

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(Don't forget to submit your order via the "Submit My Gift Order Now!" button.  :-)

Of course, please call if the above instructions don't suffice.  :-)

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