Subject: Clinton: my bad...and yours?

Jim, you inspire me...

     What if I were to posit that this entire investigation to find
just where to place the blame, pass the judgement and inflict the
penalty were a waste of the country's time/money/energy
because they're looking in *completely* the wrong place--
since, in my opinion, it's really my fault, and probably yours too,

     Gotcher attention?  Ok.  Now this is going to probably sound
really radical to you, but go with it for a minute.  You might not
agree with my views, but at the very least you're going to have
to give me some points for original thinking....  :-)

Theory 1:  Let's say that everyone, Clinton and me and you
included, has so-called "perverted" sexual fantasies (along with
many other "bad" or "unaccepted" parts of ourselves)...which we
probably hide from just about everyone, hate ourselves for, and
for which we may or may not find a healthy outlet for.
     (To put some weight behind this theory, I'd invite you to check
out the amount and traffic of the* newgroups, and the
fact that the majority of the traffic on the internet is to sex sites.
Name your pleasure, however bizarre and "perverted" you can
imagine it, and there's a hundred web sites with pictures and
videos and thousands of people visiting them--*anonymously*--
each day.  Now, either there's a couple hundred really messed
up people with a lot of time on their hands, or we should redefine
just what "perverted"/"normal" human behavior is.  See also,
But, I digress. :-)
     Next, imagine for a minute that you're not only president
of the US and held to the strictest of what our society considers
"right" and "wrong," but you are also married to Hillary...who is
perhaps not just sexually ultra-conservative (just my guess),
but also a, a person who's dedicated a good portion
of her life and has taken an oath to uphold all that some few
Americans have decided is "right" and "good".  Maybe these
guesses of mine aren't even fair, but for whatever reason,
little Billy's not getting what he *really* wants at home.
     Second theory of mine: Mother Nature will always win in
the, Who We Really Are will prevail (and, I don't think
you'd argue that one of the strongest forces deep inside each
of us is sexual).  Further, that our true selves will prevail will be
true even as much as we try to force ourselves to conform to
what we or the people and society around us think to be "right"
and "good."  (Insert countless other high-profile religious,
political, corporate, etc. figures who have proven this time
and time again...and, my and your own, less publicized
personal failures in what we tried to make ourselves believe
we were, what we hoped and wanted to be [mostly for fear of
not being liked/accepted], but just weren't.  Oh, the pain and
tragedy of realizing that we're "only" human after all...and that
there's a dark, shadow side to every one of us, including me
and you--even while we all sit back on our self-righteous
arm-chair pedestals and point the finger at "bad" Bill and
"naughty" Monica.)
     So, given the above, where did Clinton have to go?  He has
this "wrong" and "perverted" sexual fantasy that has neither a
place in our society, nor, for whatever reason,  in his marriage.
Sooner or later, Mother Nature had to win out and his true
person had to emerge.  Thus, this affair had to happen...and,
not surprisingly, in the most private and least-likely to be
exposed place (who-da thought this "lowly" intern would have
the, come out and rock the entire nation
with this?)
     Now, again, you're Clinton...which means that you're human;
so, again, you might even imagine yourself in this "position,"
yet with a *much* bigger reputation to fact, probably
the world's biggest...and people are getting close to discovering
your most private, hidden, and, in your opinion, your most ugly,
despicable, perverted, and hated part of yourself.  (Imagine that
part of YOURself now.  Now, imagine the entire world seeing
and hearing all about it--in excruciating detail!)
     Seems to me that the most severe consequence at this point
is not what happens to your job or your life, or, maybe even your
marriage, but, again, every human's greatest personal fear: the
fear of being rejected, judged "bad," "perverted," unfaithful, and,
ultimately, completely devalued, ridiculed, and hated for that
deepest part of yourself which you yourself hate, have been told
your whole life by your society is "wrong," but which you have
been powerless your entire life to change.  It's like your worst
fear coming true:  "If people only knew what I am really like
inside, they'd hate, abandon, or even banish and punish me."
 (And, parenthetically, what a major impostor complex it would
be if you were president of the US of A, supposedly the world's
most powerful human, but were still unable to conquer your
silly, little, "perverted" sexual urges.)
     So, what would you do?  Unless you were an *incredibly*
evolved and courageous soul, you'd do anything and
everything in your power to cover it up, so that you didn't
receive the ultimate horrific judgement: a "bad person."
 So, yeah, I could maybe fault Clinton for not being "an
*incredibly* evolved and courageous soul," but if I did, I'd
have to fault about 99% of the planet.  So, who am I left to
     Well, who created and continues to support this society
of more strict and pervasive rules and laws and morals than
any other in the world?...this society which puts forth and
rewards the model of judging, conforming to, following, and
*enforcing* our society's rules and so-called "norms"--the
model to which Hillary Clinton and perhaps so many other
well-meaning and kind-hearted, but "bought in" and misled
souls so aptly aspire?...this society with its harsh need to
judge and change us right down to dictating what is
acceptable behavior between two consenting adults, or
even the personal decisions we make in our own lives or
with our own bodies?  I do, you do, we all do.
     Thus, *WE* are to blame for this entire Clinton affair...
and, WE will continue to be to blame for many more like it
in every corner (exposed and public or not) of our society
until we stop judging each other for every thought, word,
opinion, belief and deed ("Land of the Free?"  What
bullshit!), and stop strangling ourselves with these rules
and laws which don't allow anyone to be and accept Who
We Really Are: human _individuals_ with *diverse*
*and*differing* thoughts, beliefs, preferences, desires,
pleasures, behaviors, etc.

     So, what can we do?
1) Speak out against this ever increasingly strict set of
rules, laws, morals, judgements which pervade our
society, forcing us all into the same box of "right" and
"good"...this box having been created not from each of
our hearts, but from the fears in the minds of a few
powerful, but unevolved souls who think that their idea
of "right" and "good" must prevail in the land, since they
are so threatened by other ways of thinking and being
which they don't understand.  We can strive to find the
strength and courage to stand against such moral
tyranny (usually at some personal risk) and to object
publically whenever we encounter such constrictions &
regulations of Who We Are and/or Who We Should Be.
2) Stop judging others.  Period.
3) Have the balls to go out and live Who We Really
Are in a compassionate and responsible way...
especially the dark and "unacceptable" parts of
ourselves...for, that courageous act of living the parts
of ourselves of which we are most embarrassed (yet
which really don't harm anyone else), but just aren't
"acceptable" (or even legal) in our society, stretches
the fabric of acceptability for everyone else, allowing
them a bit more freedom to be Who They Really Are
as well.
     So, I'll admit that I'm not quite living the 1/2/3 100%
in my life, and, until I am, I am partially to blame for our
current situation: a society in which this whole Clinton
affair was, in my opinion, inevitable.  I believe that only
you can truly judge, only you can say if
part of the responsibility also lies with you.  All I can
say is that I'm sorry for and saddened by this whole
thing...but, that I'm doing my personal best to get to a
place where I can live the above 1/2/3 100%, and that
I've pledged to dedicate a portion of my life toward
transforming our society into a place where there is
less judgement and more humanity...and into a place
where it is really ok for any- and every- one to be and
live Who They *Really* Are.
     I'm still not sure how exactly I'm going to
accomplish this, or how many courageous souls like
yourself it will take standing with me to make such a
shift, but I am working on, currently, that is the
best excuse I have for my guilt in this at this time.

     So, everyone can stop bitching at Clinton and
spending millions of dollars looking for the "crime,"
for it lies with me.

Thank you, Jim, for caring enough to express your
views in an email which inspired me to examine
mine...and for going along on this little journey into
my reality with me.  :-)  Anyway, now maybe you
understand why I signed the petition (just now).

warm regards,
Rich Raffals

Message text written by INTERNET:Jim_Hamre:

Three points:
(1) The investigation has landed an Arkansas govenor (Tucker) and the
#2man at the Justice Department in jail (Hubbell). So was it a "waste" of
(2) Monica was on the federal payroll while servicing our great leader.
I personally don't like having my tax dollars go for what amounts to
prostitutes. Get this toad out of office! Hey, Al Capone went to jail
for income tax evasion. Was that a good thing? Sometimes you gotta settle
for "lesser charges." Or should we have stopped investigating him because it
was costing too much?
(3) What's all this crap about an impeachment being too "painful" for
the country? Its part of the process of democracy, written into our
Constitution. Finding a parking space and standing in line to vote is
painful. Should we just not bother? Besides, listening to two more years
of Leno and Letterman jokes about the president's penis will be painful...