<written next to a stream, amidst a mossy green forest, at the foot of Mt. Shasta in the early evening of a day of silence during the Headwaters Outdoor School Earth Philosophy Class, 8/20/99, after several hours of creating and decorating a mask made from my face...envision alternating bright orange and black lightning bolts which extend vertically down the mask on a diagonal, with one eye closed and the other a vertical diamond of glitter.>

-= My Mask =-

Sharp, Jagged contrasts
A fiery passion, interrupted by shadow
Darker than shadow
The depths of a bottomless, black abyss
Ripping violently into a brilliant, shining son
Whose son?
His: The father who wasn't.
Does it matter?

The Shadow knows: The brighter the Son, the greater the Shadow.

Sharp, Jagged contrasts...
Opposing forces forced to live as one
Cracking apart or coming together?
Does it matter?

Two songs...
Played in perfect synchrony make a uniquely beautiful harmony
But...usually one of me is a beat off
Was it easier before we invented time?
Does it matter?

Millions of billions of brilliant suns
Trapped there in his open eye
Sparkling for but a blink in the eye of the Universe
A Universe of shimering stars in his snake eye
Expanding? Collapsing?
Is one life long enough to know?
Does it matter?

Flickering across the starless shutter of his unopen eye
Writing the rites to right his wrongs?
Writing the rights to write his wrongs?
Does it matter?