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Rich Raffals  -  Leadership, Relationship & Spiritual/Life Coach
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I spent five years of my childhood in Spooner, a rural town of 2500 in Northern Wisconsin.
 Big hockey town--or, should I say, "small hockey town"?

Anyway, my dad and I loved hockey, and
I dreamed of being a "winger"
(the supporting offensive forwards on either side of the main goal scorer, known as the "center").

But, Dad said that being a "defense man" was more noble:

"Defense men play in the back and aren't the big goal scorers, but they don't need the glory--

and they have to be the strongest skaters and shooters on the team."
So, I became a "defense man"...and I was good, one of the best of the best.

But, it wasn't as much fun as I wanted it to be, and I wasn't really happy:
It wasn't my dream.  It wasn't who I am.

           When I was 15, my dad died, and I had to give up hockey for financial reasons.
Dad always wanted to become an engineer, as did his father before him.

Neither of them ever realized that dream.

Seven years later, I graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering and moved to Silicon Valley.

I designed microprocessors for 10 years...and I was good, one of the best of the best.

But, it wasn't as much fun as I sensed it could be, and I wasn't happy:
It wasn't my dream.  It wasn't who I am.

      I did start playing hockey again, though.  This time, I was a "right winger"...and I was the best:
I led the league in points -- though most of my points didn't come from scoring goals.

(You receive 2 points for scoring a goal and 1 point for assisting someone else in scoring.)
That's what I *really* loved:  orchestrating a play and setting someone else up to score.

To me, two players working together in such perfect harmony was beauty...

and it filled me up inside:
It was my dream.  It is who I am.

      When I discovered the career of coaching, everything finally came together for me.
  I'm now a Leadership, Relationship & Spiritual/Life Coach,
who sets both adults and youths up to score in their lives.

That, to me, is beauty...and it fills me up inside:
It is my dream.  It is who I am.
 (And, I think my dad would be proud.)

      What dreams have you misplaced along the years?
I'm here to help you rediscover your authentic self and achieve those misplaced dreams.

I'd love to work in harmony with you to create your ideal life...

and it could be "our gift to the next generation" as well!

 My question for you:  How can I set you up to score?

What do you want, right now--more than anything?  We can make that happen!

I'd love to spend 45 min with you, no strings attached, exploring how our dreams may intersect here.

Do you dare take the first step right now, before "life gets in the way"?

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Rich Raffals ~ Awaken The Magic Coaching
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Give someone what they really want--as defined by them!
This is exactly what my clients get, as described in their own words.
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