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  • "Very relaxing."  ~ Rochelle, Author and Japanese Intercultural Consultant

  • "Looking up at the trees and watching them slowly sway was great. At some points, (in parallel with a suggestion of yours) the trees ceased to stand out and the vision just became simply one of green, blue and brown. I think I got an insight into impressionism.
    I'd never had a sound healing. It was great. My initial impression was that you generate enough energy to knock stuff loose, making room for fresh healing... sort of like cleaning a wound.
    I thought it would be fun and enjoyable.. and it was. However, I did not expect such absolutely fantastic experiences as I had during your concert and healing. I thank you very much. You are amazingly gifted.
    The past week I've had enhanced energy and focus."

    ~ Thanks again, John "Chip" Boden, PhD

  • "I arrived stressed from an intense day at work. Afterwards, I felt very relaxed and grounded, and some relief from my tense shoulders and the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome/RSI pain in my arms and hands. Just what I needed. What a wonderful, transformational, grounding experience. Thx so much to you and Nidia for hosting and your kindness too."  ~ David, Corporate Training Manager

  • "About our 15 hour, post-sound healing meditation experience.... That whole day was very special for me: a lot of massage and kind of partner yoga with my boyfriend. We discussed it later and seems like we had very similar feelings and senses about it. The sound healing meditation became a nice continued experience of that day. During the meditation we were kind of in between sleep and reality. After this we did`t even want to talk — we were feeling present. Everything, even driving a car was slightly different after the meditation. Taste of tea after the meditation was more bright than usual. We went to sleep and that condition — between sleep and reality — kind of stayed with us for a whole night. We were hugging during sleep as usual, but the feeling of each other was stronger. We could feel each other with each cell. We had very clear, positive and bright dreams. In the morning we opened our eyes, but still feeling more present than normal. Thankfully, we didn't have any plans or obligations. So, we had a chance to move slowly though the day and basically, blissfully do nothing. Only around 12 pm on Sunday did we kind of return to a more typical state of mind. But still, at least myself, after that experience I feel a bit more present all the time now.
    Thank you once again for your help and unforgettable sound meditation!"

    ~ Blessings, Marina Masterova

  • "I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the wonderful sound healing evening. It was truly fabulous and I was so energized.... It was so powerful to experience the Didjeridu and how different each instrument was from the other. It seemed to invoke ancient memories that came not in words but in something more earthy and powerful. I had such a sense that this is how the ancestors communicated with their people and felt them so strongly there last night communicating information to us through you. Very hard to describe but very intense and moving. Thank you for your generosity in giving all of us such a gift. You are clearly called as a healer!"
    ~ Erica Sofrina, Earth Spirit Adventure Travel Founder/Guide and West Coast Academy of Feng Shui Founder, MM, CFSC

  • "I found our extended, private didgeridoo session very relaxing. Other than deep relaxation, tho, I didn't sense much of a shift while you were playing. Then, that night, I had a major, heart-opening breakthrough in the area that is the root cause of the Parkinson's Disease I'm recovering from."  ~ M

  • "The drumming was very grounding and brought us all present in our bodies. The rattling felt like a cleansing that also seemed to expand the room to larger than its actual size. When you started playing, I could tell by the immediate shift in the room that this is something you're meant to be doing. Your playing transported me, and I was pleased to be feeling connecting with people on an energy level."
    ~ David, Musician

  • "Rich, your digeridoo sessions are incredible! I think you've tapped into an ancient ritual. I felt the vibrations and lost all track of time. Thanks so much!"
    ~ Jackie Ann Patterson

  • "The group session was relaxing and meditative. But, having experienced a private session in which the didjeridu was focused on me the entire time, the group event felt like just a teaser."  ~ N

  • "Though I felt a complete lack of control, it was an incredible beautiful experience. When the chimes rung, my "journey" came to an end. I returned, but I was blown away by what had happened. It was an otherworldly experience that was like.... It wasn’t distant. And it didn’t seem to be a connection to something that was apart from me. It seemed like I was tapping into something highly intuitive, deeply resident, and profoundly part of me. I approached tonight without any expectations. My only intention was to surrender and participate in the experience. Boy was that an experience.
    Epilogue: Considered from an analytical perspective, I think I was on a journey through chakras, beginning with imbalance and instability or purging in the lower earth chakras (root and sacral). That was by far the most significant part of the experience in terms of time duration. I then went into a spiritual state of the third eye with the deep beautiful blues.
    It felt like I was having a seizure because I was trembling but wasn’t controlling that movement. I then fell into a beautiful emerald green, where I think I found heart. It was a warm (not physically) comforted environment that was bringing me back to earth after a terrestrial journey and a spiritual ascent. It seems that the vibrational energy in the sound therapy session aroused something profound for me. Upon reflection, it was amazing."
      ~ P, lawyer

  • "It is a co-creative experience as you have your own intention while being in the 'sound bath' with other circle participants...pleasant, relaxing and transformative."  ~ Karina Ghor, Sound Healer, Network Engineer

  • "I liked having the didge focused on the parts of my body I requested. I felt like I was in a trancey, altered state most of the time...jumping back and forth between past and future. My hearing was exremely acute when you stopped playing, and I could hear outside sounds in a way I didn't before."  ~ P

Sound Healing Bio  |  Didjeridu Effects on Human Body and Mind

NOTE: These effects are amplified with increased frequency and duration: The ability to incorporate and utilize the sonic energy grows each time one experiences this. Also, the more time the drum, didjeridu, etc is focused directly on the body, the shorter the learning curve and the more profound the effects. This is what makes your customized, individual sessions more powerful than the group sessions.

What is Sound Healing?

For more on the healing effects of sound and vibration read this wonderful article by Simon Heather, published in Positive Health Magazine, about the astonishing results of sound upon blood, water, cancer cells, neurons and a range of conditions!

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