Rich Raffals – Sound Healing Bio

Pic of Rich with Flute Australian & Crystal Didjeridus, African/Latin Drums, Ecuadorian/Puerto Rican Rattles, Tibetan Tingsha Chimes, Native American Flute, Voice, Chekere, Aromatherapy

Rich promotes healing, consciousness expansion, fulfillment and fun...via rhythmic music, life coaching, emotional counseling, vibrational healing, and ecstatic movement & dance.

In group and customized one-on-one sessions, Rich creates a sacred space for participants to experience transformation.  Utilizing a synergy of cutting-edge developments in life coaching and quantum physics, he facilitates vibrational shifts to realities aligned with his clients’ highest visions for themselves and their lives.

Rich also facilitates journeys into the timeless realm (part of the mysterious "Dreamtime" of the Australian Aborigines) where the primal vibrations of the didjeridu and other instruments make altered states of consciousness and transcendent brainwave frequencies quickly attainable.  This re-engages the mind-body connection, facilitating one’s highest potential for physical, emotional, and energetic healing and rejuvenation.  He’s currently working to merge sound healing, trance-producing rhythms, and brainwave entrainment technologies with movement and ecstatic dance.

Professionally, Rich has served as a microprocessor designer, web/software engineer, corporate trainer, life coach, musician, workshop leader/ritual facilitator, yoga/meditation instructor for at-risk youth and adults, healing touch practitioner, and ElectroSmog/EMF radiaton consultant.  As a drummer/percussionist and didjeridu player, he has performed solo, with bands, and impromptu with other musicians and DJ’s for dance parties, weddings, graduations, musicals, rituals, yoga/meditation, school classrooms, fundraisers, spiritual faires, retreats, and various other events and ceremonies.

He also leads a men’s group centered around emotional liberation and community, and has 10+ years experience as an emotional counselor.  His diverse interests have taken him to 20+ countries, studying with myriad teachers, healers and shamans in the Amazon jungle, Ecuadorian Andes, Palawan rainforest, India, Hawaii and across the U.S.  He also counts the incarcerated youths of San Mateo County among his teachers, as he continues to employ some of the unique lessons and perspectives he gained from them in his 6+ years teaching yoga, meditation, communication skills, and leadership in the juvenile halls.

Rich is fascinated by the mysteries of consciousness -- especially how our body-mind state interacts with the quantum field of infinite, unrealized possibility to create the reality we experience.  He designed and utilized a coaching model that synergizes recent developments in quantum physics with advanced spiritual teachings.  This allowed his clients to do, be and have their dreams and visions with more alacrity and less effort than the traditional coaching models in which he’d been trained and utilizing for nearly a decade prior.

The next step to which Rich has been guided is to facilitate these shifts vibrationally.  This is usually a bit of coaching, followed by an intentional vibration held while playing the didjeridu, etc. directly on clients’ bodies.  While pleasurable and fun for most recipients, this also usually creates profound and rejuvenating states of relaxation.  Deep relaxation of this nature has been demonstrated (by the new field of epigenetics) to reset control genes, each of which change the expression of hundreds of other genes in beneficial ways.  So, it’s possible you will literally be a different person after a session!  In addition, Rich has been truly amazed at how some have been able to shift to parallel realities more aligned with their highest imaginings and preferences (including physical healing), sometimes instantaneously.  [ Testimonials ]

To deepen his knowledge, understanding and experience in this area, Rich recently completed both basic and advanced trainings with Dr. Joe Dispenza (from the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know?! and author of You Are the Placebo).  The experiential workshops were centered around neurophysiology, Quantum Medicine, and scientifically-tested techniques for rewiring the brain for optimal interaction with the quantum field (to create desired future experiences): Rich and other participants were brain scanned and heart-monitored while practicing the techniques that allowed some participants to overcome major, "incurable" diseases through thought and consciousness alone!

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I would love to co-create something powerful and magical with you.  Contact me to brainstorm on ways to add sound healing or vibrational grooves and movement/dance-oriented rhythmic spice to an event you’re planning...and thereby elevate it to higher levels of ecstatic/trancey fun, magical depth, healing, or transformation and consciousness expansion!