Are You Ready to...

Do What You Love and Love What You Do?
Find work or create a career which truly inspires and fulfills you?
Have more of "Who You Are" nourished by "what you do"?
Merge your spiritual journey with your financial future?

Would inspiration, support, resources, and structure help you get there?

If so, then it's time to merge your passions and your work life—to find your "True Work!"  We've created this seminar for you to do just that!!  "Knowing what you're doing isn't right, but 'completely clueless' as to what that might be" is a perfect place to start!

The True Work Coaching Seminar

The True Work Coaching Seminar consists of group teleconference meetings and individual, one-on-one sessions with a career & life coach:  You will receive the synergistic power of group support and exploration activities, and the experience and tools of a professional coach.  And, since this is a virtual seminar, you can participate from anywhere you have a phone!

Upon completion of the seminar, you will have:

We will meet as a group twice a month to explore and define the concepts of True Work. Through a series of presentations, activities, discussions, exercises, and resource sharing, you will learn about yourself, True Work, and how to bring the two into alignment.

In between the group sessions, you will receive 4 one-on-one coaching sessions.  In the individual sessions you will deepen and personalize what you learn in the group meetings, then create and implement a customized plan to get you going on your True Work path.

Susan Nurse and Rich Raffals are living their True Work passions as professionally trained coaches who help others create lives they love.  Both are graduates of the True Work Course taught by Michael and Justine Toms, co-authors of the book True Work and cofounders of New Dimensions Radio.  Subsequent to that course, Susan and Rich facilitated the immensely successful Silicon Valley True Work Circle.  The True Work Coaching Seminar is the next generation of the local circle, augmented with coaching (to keep you in action between meetings) and teleconferencing (to transcend geographic boundaries).

Structure:   75 min Group Teleconference Call»  6 Sessions, Twice Monthly, Weeks: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11
                  75 min Group In-Person Meetings  »  2 Sessions, Weeks: 2, 12
                  30 min Private Coaching Sessions  »  4 Sessions, Twice Monthly, Weeks: 4, 6, 8, 10

Price:         $350 (includes the 3 month seminar and coaching)
                  [We will accommodate any committed applicant, regardless of ability to pay: Contact us!]

Dates:        Group meets by teleconference twice a month (Next Seminar: Scheduled by demand)
                  Individual coaching sessions will be scheduled between group meetings

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