This poem I write
is dedicated
to those who lost their lives

and were mutilated
by their own kind,
blinded by hatred and greed.

That's what you must feel
to watch your own species bleed.

But there we stood
stronger than ever,
showing love to our friends,
while our own hearts were severed.

I dedicate this poem
to those up in heaven
who lost their lives
to 9-11.

~ by Jason Hamby ~
(written at age 17, in September of 2002)

 Jason was a student in one of the 10-week intensive yoga/meditation/council classes that I taught at the Glenwood Boys Camp through the non-profit Youth Horizons (now the "Mind-Body Awareness Project").  Camp Glenwood is a juvenile facility up in the mountains where teenage boys of San Mateo County who are arrested and sentenced to 6 months or longer serve their time.

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