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I have been being coached by Rich Raffals for the last four months, and this has been one of the most rewarding and productive professional relationships I have ever had. In these past months I have attained all the goals I set for myself, and am a much happier, more fulfilled person.

Rich is wholeheartedly committed and extremely dedicated to me and my process - he is an amazing coach. He gives of himself fully, which includes much more time and energy than I expected. There is something new in my email inbox several times weekly helping me towards reaching my full potential. When he responds to me he is thoughtful and provides many thought-provoking ideas. Remarkable insight, perception (the ability to really SEE) and a passion for helping people to find their true self (replace with job, career, relationship or joy) -- these are just a few of Rich's gifts. He has given me an inordinate amount of encouragement, support and feedback.

Through my coaching relationship with Rich, he has helped me to:

§ Set goals and achieve them
§ See and accept my gifts
§ Identify obstacles (gremlins), accept them and move forward
§ Define my strengths
§ Create opportunities
§ Give myself credit for my accomplishments
§ Learn to articulate my boundaries
§ Approach interviews feeling confident and prepared
§ Work through barriers
§ Feel more joy
§ Be inspired
§ Find my work passion

Additionally, Rich approaches coaching in the spirit of fun, learning and growth. He reminds me to keep it fun, and thus at times when I don't do so well, (i.e., I don't meet my commitments or reach my goals) we work together to identify why and use these discoveries as opportunities for further growth. It's not about guilt or failing -- it's about using obstacles as a stepping stone for development.

Coaching has been a transforming experience for me. It has enabled me to make a personal commitment to myself and my life. I am learning to put myself first and not let things and people hinder my path. Without Rich I would not be so far along the road to becoming the person I want to be.

Wendy MacLeod

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