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I'm perfectly happy to tell you about having Rich as a coach. I'd characterize my experience as transformation driven and accomplishment heavy. Rich's coaching was one of the best things I've ever done for myself (as my wife and I both agree). In the proverbial, I both caught fish and was helped to reveal my own ability to fish.

I did meet many of my goals that I had stated during the intake, but the most incredible part of the coaching relationship to me was the ongoing process of learning about how I work (and, specifically, don't work), given the ups and downs of a typical week. For example, I had originally thought that I had needed a "taskmaster" in coaching. But what emerged in my work with Rich was that once I realized and dealt with personal hurdles and issues which clearly impacted my willingness/ability to do the things I said I wanted to do, I didn't require a taskmaster at all. And it all seemed so natural - I didn't ever feel put-upon or coerced, or that my stated and even unstated interests weren't being served. To answer your question specifically, I can't think of a thing that I wished he had done differently. For me, it was a heightened sense of being on my own path, with a trusted guide and sounding board.

I am very glad that I hired Rich, and I'm making plans to continue employing him. I can recommend him without reservation. If you have any other specific questions, you are welcome to call me. I'm glad to talk about it!

Mark Radonich

BSE Nuclear Sciences; Health Physicist/Facilitator/Mgmt Consultant/Creativity Catalyst

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