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I feel incredibly grateful for the work we do together. I am slowly starting to listen to myself again and truly ask myself, "What do I want to do?" in a way I haven't done for an incredibly long time. Up until High School, it came pretty naturally to me to focus on my needs and be connected to what I want. But, as life has gotten more complicated by adult responsibilities and more complex relationships with others, I find I have gotten more and more disconnected from my own needs and interests. Working with you has helped me get back in touch with what I want out of life, what makes me happy. The list of "Things I Love" exercise was one effective tool in helping me get back in touch with the things that bring me joy. In addition, the questions you ask during our sessions, keep me focused on the wants, needs and dreams rather than the 'shoulds'. For example, when I was struggling with whether or not to apply to UCLA, and you said simply, "What do you want to do?" At first I couldn't imagine that just doing what I wanted to do was acceptable, now I see that it is. I am also relieved to feel understood and not judged. You provide a safe space for venting fears and concerns. Getting these feelings out in the open helps me face them, work through them, and use them to help me grow.

As far as things we could be doing in our sessions that are not currently happening… Honestly, I can't really think of anything. At first, I was a little concerned that I wouldn't be able to just vent fears and frustrations that have been blocking my progress, but once I actually did share, I felt very supported and heard. I can't really think of anything more I could ask for. As things come up, I will present them, but at this point I am very pleased and feel confident that I am steadily moving towards my goals. Another thing I really appreciate, which you have been great at doing, and I definitely need, is when I start to fear that I am not moving forward or that I am somehow going to slip back into "treading water" mode (not willing to risk making new plans for myself and not happy with the way things are) that you continue to remind me that I AM moving forward, growing, learning and heading toward a better place.

Thanks for listening and helping me learn to listen to myself!

Dollar amount I would assign per month- $300-$500. Although I think your services are truly priceless, I chose this range because I think it is so important for people in need of help to feel that that help is attainable.

Jennifer Johnson
BA Political Science; emphasis on Public Service, minor in Human Development

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