[ This is a draft of the 2nd chapter for The Bigger Game book.    Although there are references to parts of the 1st chapter that you haven't seen, I don't think it will hinder your understanding.  If I'm wrong, .  :-) ]

The Bigger Game: Overview

Developed by Laura Whitworth, "The Bigger Game" is a revolutionary new system that addresses the crisis of leadership in the world.  It's a model for personal growth, leadership development, and social change that proclaims that everyone is a leader.  It's our part of the solution which is designed to empower you to create your part of the solution.

We believe that you have a vision for a better world, and that you have something extremely valuable to contribute--even beyond what you might currently realize.  Were you given the proper opportunity, resources, training, guidance and support, you could lead people in realizing your vision, transforming the situation around you in the process.  We also believe that this would be one of the most thrilling, growthful, passionate and meaningful experiences of your life.

The Bigger Game is our answer for how you can step into the leader that lives inside you, in order to be part of the solution in a larger way than ever before.  If you're still reading, we assume that you want this.  In fact, we're betting that you more than want this.  You may feel called toward something, without even knowing exactly what it is that's calling you.  Perhaps you know that within you lives a deep yearning to live in a new and better world, and a passion for having at least a portion of your life be about creating that new and better world.  We want that world, too, and we want to give you everything you need to have that life of passionate purpose as you create the highest social change you can envision.  We need you, and the world needs you!  Empowering you to bring your vision and gifts to the world in powerful new ways is what The Bigger Game model is about.

At the heart of The Bigger Game model is the premise that humans crave more meaningful and growthful lives, and that the life of the greatest happiness, purpose, passion and personal evolution comes from surpassing significant challenges in service of something greater than oneself.  Yet, perhaps surprisingly, our research has shown that the completely natural (and at times very useful) human tendencies toward comfort and self focus can lead people to lives of boredom, personal stagnation, and even decay or devolution.

The Bigger Game is an approach to life that says "No!" to a "business as usual" existence.  A Bigger Game powered life will never be boring!  It will demand competencies and skills beyond what you already possess.  It is designed to challenge you, to call on you to be your very best.  In fact, it goes beyond that.  Your Bigger Game will require you to evolve beyond your previous best.  This model asks "the part of you that yearns for a higher purpose" or "the part of you that's compelled by a vision" to make a  difference in an arena that extends beyond your own life.  It calls forth the leader within you to reach new heights in order to create the positive change in the world you most yearn to see.

You might ask, "Why bother?" or "Is all that really worth it?"

Counter-culture to today's prevalent media and advertising messages of "happiness, security, status, and/or self worth through consumerism," many have found that these material pursuits deliver neither significant nor lasting satisfaction.  Once you "win" the consumerism game, you may realize that it has actually lead you further from the life experience you sought when you started playing that game.  (Often, when one acquires a certain level of things or security, s/he realizes that there will never actually be enough things or security.  Thus, the pursuit of this type of materially-based fulfillment brings only an insatiable thirst for more things and security.  This has been likened to dying of thirst in the desert and being sold glass after glass of salt water.  The salt water looks delicious and may even satiate for a moment.  But, in the end, it only serves to increase one's thirst.  In reality, the only way to truly "win" at the consumerism game is to wake up to the deception and choose to play a different game.)

We believe that experiencing yourself as your best, and stretching yourself to become and create even more than you may currently believe is possible--especially for the sake of something larger than yourself, something that you yearn to see happen for the greater good--is actually the richest and most deeply satisfying life experience. 
We're asserting that this type of richer life experience--rather than more money, material comforts, perceived safety, or higher status--is what will truly feed the hunger so many of us carry inside us.

For the sake of an experiential learning with the questions that follow, would you give yourself permission to call forth your kid-like imagination?  Invite the part of you that would make up wild stories to any question to which you didn't know the actual answer....  Please put aside, for the moment, any adult thoughts of "How?" or feasibility and just dream creatively for a minute or three....  Give yourself complete permission to make up an answer to any question below for which "the real answer" isn't readily available to you.  No one is going to ask you to do any of these things, so approach it lightly and dream big....

How did it affect your thoughts and feelings to consider those questions?  Did you feel a strong reaction, or do you already have a response to one or more of these questions?  (If so, you might already have an inkling of a Bigger Game.  You might be ready to evolve yourself or to step into a role of greater leadership.)  Did you quit reading the questions part-way through, or only skim them, because they were just too big to think about?  That's fine, too.

Actually, if you're on the right track, it's likely that considering these things may not feel altogether pleasant to you.  You might be thinking, "Yeah, right."  "No way."  "Too big!"  "Too hard!"  "Not possible!"  "Who me?"  "You've got to be kidding!"  "How?"

If not, dream bigger:  Increase the impact you envision by a thousand.  When you start feeling the "I'm-scared-to-even-think-about-attempting-that" gulp, you're in exactly the right place.  That's because the person you are at this moment cannot achieve your Bigger Game.  This is where most people stop.  They feel that "gulp," start hearing the voice of the inner critic, and they back away...turning instead to something more comfortable or pleasant.

Falling into "the trap of How?" and/or shying away from the uneasy gulp that's produced when we dream big like this are two of the most prevalent ways that dreams of this magnitude are sabotaged.  The gulp and "not knowing how" dissipate the passion of our visions.  What if Martin Luther King had given in to these feelings and put his dream aside, choosing instead to sit down with some chips and beer to watch the ball game...?  In truth, he probably didn't know how to give the "I have a dream" speech in the way he did, until he was doing it.  (When he stepped up to speak that day, he deviated far and often from the written speech he had prepared previously.)

Who do you know that you wish were leading the world in a large way like this?  Why isn't the world receiving that person's gifts in the manner you wish we were?  How many people look at you and wish the same thing...that the world were receiving your message or unique gifts in a much larger way?

What has it cost humanity, over the generations, to back away from this "gulp"?  How many dreams have died because someone stopped when they didn't know how to create what they envisioned?  How many more dreams have been on the shelf in the closet collecting dust for the past 10 years?  What could our species have evolved to by now, had the majority of people stepped forward, through these uncomfortable feelings, trusting that the answer to "How?" often comes only after one commits to a purpose (and not before)?

What could our species evolve to tomorrow if we had a way to embrace or overcome these common hindrances?  If the gifted visionaries we all know were no longer inhibited from taking truly bold actions toward their heart-felt aspirations to serve a higher purpose with their lives?  If the world were to acquire and utilize this competency today, how many of those statistics in the previous chapter will read in reverse in a few years--shocking us, instead, with how rapidly we were improving the social and environmental fabric of this planet?

The book in your hands is meant to re-connect you and others like you with your passionate vision for a better organization, community, society, and planet.  It's also meant to supply a tried-and-true method for developing the competencies required to realize those visions and callings which are most compelling to you.  Consider, and really try to 100% believe, even if just for a second, that the vision or aspirations you dreamed up above are already reality.  What would that situation be like?  How would it affect your life and the lives of others?  Try to see the face, heart, and future life of one particular, real person who would be affected.  What would be the larger impact?  What would it be like to live in that world?  How badly do you want those changes?  How badly do you want to live in that world?  (Rate it on a scale of 1-10.)

The Bigger Game is not a model for the faint of heart.  But, it is a model for those who want to feel fully alive...and for those who are truly serious about creating change, about turning those statistics around, about being part of the solution.  It exists for you if you're looking for something different, or want to say "No" to a "business as usual" career/life, while experiencing yourself at your very best.  It's for you if you want to see yourself evolving intentionally to new heights while doing something extremely meaningful with your life.

The Bigger Game is for those who want the world they envision badly enough to step courageously into life in a way they never have before, and in a way that few ever do, such that they, themselves, are transformed in the process.

One area we explore once someone has identified a potential Bigger Game is:

Now we've reached the heart of the model.  The fundamental premise (or "mantra") of The Bigger Game Model is captured in the following statement:

The size and quality of the game you play [in your life]

designs who you are becoming [as a person].

What does this mean?

Normally, we are thrown into Bigger Games, usually unwillingly, by life.  A divorce pushes a stay-at-home mom out into the workforce, the birth of a child insists that two carefree students become responsible parents, a chance encounter with a record producer rockets an unknown and reclusive singer into super stardom, a relative's death throws an artist suddenly into the role of handling an estate and planning a funeral for the first time.

In each of these cases, the size and quality of the game being played was expanded.  This required the person(s) "playing the game" to evolve and become something greater than they were before--which, in turn, caused them to have a new impact on their world.  Probably few of these folks would have consciously chosen these challenging experiences.  Still, they would probably tell you that they wouldn't be many of the positive things they are today were it not for surpassing those very challenges.

Can you think of times in your life when something of this nature happened to you?  An event or experience that changed you forever?  How did it shape you?  Who did you become?  How did it impact those around you?  How has the following statement been true for you?

The size and quality of the game you played
designed who you became.

Would you like to take control of who you become in the future, and the impact you have in the world?  Instead of waiting for life to design you with the unpredictable circumstances it will inevitably throw at you, do you want to design, with consciousness and intentionality, your own Bigger Games?  Taking control of this process allows us to participate creatively in our personal evolution and social impact.  To take control of this process, however, we must first understand it fully.  We do that by breaking the process down into its key conceptual components.

The Bigger Game Model

Comfort Zone


Higher Purpose/


The size and quality of the game you play designs who you are becoming.



Bold Action


You will notice that the 9 key elements of the model are laid out like a tic-tac-toe game board.  Notice that in a game of tic-tac-toe, one can put down an X or an O in any one of the 9 squares.  As the game progresses, begin to strategize:  Where do I need to put my next mark in order to win this game?  The tic-tac-toe Bigger Game board is a metaphor for life:  Where do I need to put my attention to keep my Bigger Game moving forward?

Although we'll separate them out for the sake of explanation, the 9 components actually overlap in an inseparable way; they are intimately interrelated, each component affecting the others.  You'll notice that the Bigger Game mantra is in the center square.  As you play your Bigger Game, new learning will occur and a new "you" will be called forth.  You will evolve yourself by building the new competencies required to achieve your Bigger Game.

Next, let's explore the remaining eight elements of The Bigger Game Model:

q      Comfort Zones

Human beings seek comfort.  It's our natural tendency.  Most people return repeatedly to what is familiar, falling into comfortable (and often unconscious) habits.  Over time, these routine ways of living actually create complacency and boredom.  So, ironically, our natural tendency toward comfort actually brings us a certain discomfort, along with stagnation or even decay of our personal evolution.  The Bigger Game Model examines what our particular comfort zones are, and the cost/benefit of each with respect to who we want to become and the impact we want to have with our lives.  Next, we identify how to step out of the comfort zones that stand between who we are today and who we need to become to realize our Bigger Game.  That is, we actually choose discomfort(Gulp!) for the sake of our Bigger Game and who we aspire to become.

q      Hunger

For most of us, boredom and complacency over time creates a "hunger."  Although we may not know what we are hungry for, we notice a yearning for something more or something different.  Sometimes, this hunger is for deeper meaning and purpose in one's life.  Other times, it may be expressing a desire to contribute and make a difference in the world.  "Hunger" is a good thing: It means one is awake to the possibility of something more than simply existing.  Once one taps into their hunger, new action is required in order to satiate the hunger (to "be fed").  Contemplating these new actions is, usually, when we first experience the uncomfortable "GULP."  This is where most of us stop.  Things start to feel difficult, scary, or otherwise uncomfortable, and who wants that?  As our human tendency toward comfort kicks in, it is natural for us to suppress or distract ourselves from our Hunger by (usually unawarely) slipping back into the familiar safety of our Comfort Zones.

q      Higher Purpose/Compelling Vision

A Higher Purpose or Compelling Vision is not about fulfilling a personal need or desire.  It is not about making more money, nor about acquiring material possessions, nor about personal achievement, status, security or other types of personal gain.  Having a Higher Purpose in life, or dedicating oneself to a Compelling Vision, is about being "up to something" that is grander than oneself.  It is about impacting people, communities, organizations, nature, and/or the world in some particular and large way, for the greater good.

The bottom line is that, "itís not about you."  Here's why: We have found that people who are serving a purpose "greater than themselves" tend to have fuller, richer and more satisfying lives.  Further, in service of  a Compelling Vision or Higher Purpose, you are at your most powerful: Like a mother bear protecting her cub, you get to experience yourself extending yourself beyond your perceived or normal limits.  Finally, humans don't change without a good enough reason.  Without a Vision or Purpose that gives you a good enough reason, our natural human tendency toward comfort and ease will define our life for us.

What sort of life do you imagine a person would have if they were to remain "asleep" in their Comfort Zones?  If you're still reading, you know you don't want that life.  So, what you're looking for, then, is a good enough reason that will pull you out of your Comfort Zones, growing you and the world in the process.

Some recognize an element of the spiritual in this--that which is best and highest in human capability and endeavor.  It can be experienced as "a calling" or "the reason Iím here."  It is a Purpose that yearns to be articulated and made manifest, for the sake of the greater good.  It's the spirit of something that wants to happen acting through you.

q      GULP

As  mentioned above, when we contemplate actions to satiate our Hunger, we start to feel unpleasant things: Our palms get sweaty and maybe we even hear an inner voice exclaiming, "Who me?" "I donít know how!" "This is too big!"  "Iím not capable of this!"  "It will be too hard!"  "I'll surely fail!"

You have entered into the GULP.  If you know how to play the "game" you are up to, it's probably still a wonderful game to play, yet it is not a "Bigger Game" as we're defining it here.  A Bigger Game will require you develop competencies, skills and abilities that you donít already possess in order to take actions that you couldnít before.  For most of us, even the thought of attempting something beyond what we're currently capable of makes us uneasy.

In The Bigger Game model, however, it's a signpost that you're on the right course when you feel bodily sensations of GULP--an actual visceral resistance.  In fact, this is a requirement in order for your game to qualify as a Bigger Game.  Now, however, the stakes are higher:  You have a Hunger.  Youíve recognized yourself as a leader with a Higher Purpose or a Vision that Compels you.  Youíve chosen to take new, bold, and uncomfortable actions for the sake of your own growth and the impact your Bigger Game will have in the world.  Why would you do that?  In short, because you have a good enough reason.

Please take a moment here....  What would it take for you to choose to step through the GULPs and fears, to stretch boldly outside your Comfort Zone?  What matters that much to you?  What would be a good enough reason to leave behind "who you used to be" for the sake of "who you could become?"  For the sake of the Higher Purpose or Compelling Vision that you so Hunger to see realized?  Feel that GULP?

q      Bold Action

The operative word here is BOLD.  This means taking those uncomfortable, GULP-y actions.  It means courageously extending further into one's human potential than ever before, possibly further than you even believed you were capable.  What action would be the biggest stretch for you, right now?  (Any GULP?)

Martin Luther King was not shy in asking for people to march.  Notice the impact of his Bold Action.  Bold actions create visibility for our Bigger Games, and announce that one is committed, irrevocably, to the path ahead no matter what.  Bold Actions also charismatically enroll others, demonstrating visibly that weíre serious, that this can and must happen, and that we are doing whatever it takes to ensure that it does.  By taking Bold Actions, the world around you knows that youíre up to something BIG.  Your playing small does not serve the world, nor yourself.  When you're living large for the sake of something that you're truly passionate about, however, you inspire others to follow.  You become a leader.

When you take the risk of modeling something new, you stretch the fabric of acceptability for all who witness that act.

q      Investment

Investments are the specific commitments we make to creating the change we envision.

Since this Bigger Game is larger than I am, who am I required to become to achieve my Higher Purpose?  If this Game is "not about me," what needs to happen for me to be able to create my Vision most powerfully?

There are many dimensions to the Investment square.  These may include time, money, energy, faith, determination, support from others, and taking better care of oneself.  Your Game my require you to Invest in taking classes, getting trained or otherwise developing new skills and competencies (eg, public speaking, fundraising, risk taking, public relations/marketing, asking for/receiving help, navigating failure, emotional healing work, personal growth work, self nurturing, etc).  The Investment list could be long and will unfold as one continues playing their Bigger Game.  There is no "arrival" or "done" when it comes to investing in one's Bigger Game.

You might start with: What things need to be handled so that I can give my best self fully to my Bigger Game?

(Beware of the Comfort Zone that says, "I can't start my Bigger Game until...".  Stretching beyond that common Comfort Zone may mean making the Investment of commitment to your Bigger Game today, and getting what you need to get handled, handled as part of playing your Bigger Game.  Said another way, "Making something a pre-requisite to starting today is most likely a Comfort Zone."  Again, Comfort Zones are neither good, nor bad, they're just unconscious patterns that will run our lives if we're not honest and vigilant.

Here's a potentially illuminating exercise:  Think about your Higher Purpose, about the community or world you really want to live in.  Think about some of the beautiful and precious hearts, souls, critters, trees, and/or other lives that will be touched by your Bigger Game.  Envision and do your best to really feel the impact on one of these lives in particular.  How important is the impact your successful Game will have on that individual?  How badly do you want this?  How badly do you want to live in that world?  [Rate it on a scale of 1-10.]
Now, ask yourself: "Given that this is a <insert number> out of 10 in importance to me, does that motivate me to get <insert your pre-requisites to starting your Bigger Game> done with greater urgency and passion than before?"  If so, what's the specific Investment you need to make in integrity, in order to honor how important this cause is to you?  If this exercise doesn't motivate you to Invest in that Game, with neither blame nor judgment, let that cause go:  It's not a good enough reason for you right now.  Going through this process several times is quite common.  It's a trial-and-error kind of thing.  Keep looking, though!)

Another key Investment to make early on in playing a Bigger Game is "to announce your Bigger Game out loud--over and over again--every day.Bigger Game players speak their game to themselves in the mirror, their pets, their friends, allies, strangers, and to anyone who is drawn in by their passion and exuberance.  The world can neither respond nor support your Bigger Game unless it is made public.  Further, you need to hear yourself say it.  By declaring your Bigger Game publicly, you are making your commitment so strong and visible that there is no going back.  (GULP!)

q      Allies

To play a Bigger Game you must have Allies.  Yes, must.  If you're envisioning something you can do on your own, wonderful as that might be, it's not the type of Bigger Game we're describing here.  If it's for the greater good, yes, of course, please go do it.  A Bigger Game as we're defining it here, however, cannot be achieved by any one person.  Not only is a Bigger Game larger than any one person's capabilities, but, ideally, it's something that will outlive any one person's involvement in it.  (More about this in the Sustainability section.)

Allies are both the people who are wildly supportive of your Game, and those who disagree or resist what youíre doing.  You will "design" your Allies to be the optimal partners toward realizing your Bigger Game (and you will continue to re-design these relationships as your Bigger Game evolves).  Ideally, your Allies will be honest, yet tough (in a loving way).  They know you well, and see through both self deceptions (ie, your "BS") and your blind spots.

There are different types of Allies:  First, you need a Bigger Game coach (a coach whoís been specifically trained in coaching The Bigger Game Model).  Additional members of your team may include trainers, mentors, cheerleaders, champions, expert resources, co-players, investors, and administrative Allies.  "Nay-sayers" can be Allies if they inspire you to prove them wrong.  "Enemies" can be Allies by making you think strategically and even requiring you to "go to battle" for the sake of your Bigger Game.

All our Allies are important.  Perhaps most important of all, however, are those Allies who commit to come in and find us when we are overwhelmed by it all, when we get scared by the GULP or disappear into our old habits and Comfort Zones, when we lose faith in our ourselves or our Game.  What we're doing is not easy, after all.  It is predictable that anyone who's playing a truly Big Game in their life will "stumble" several times along the way.  Still, this is the path of greatness for a Higher Purpose that we want passionately.  In service of this truly Compelling Vision, we train these "Come In and Get Me" Allies to not allow us to hide or lie to ourselves.  These Allies keep giving us honest feedback, even if itís at times painful.  They keep asking us, gently, but firmly: "What are you avoiding?"  "What are you not telling me?"  "How are you playing small?"  "What are you unwilling to say 'No' to?"  "What does your Game need from you right now?"

To design our Allies well, it is important to teach them how to give us what we need to succeed at all levels of our Bigger Game, and in each of the 9 components.  We must also make the Investment to reach out to our Allies continually.

q      Sustainability

Are you feeling a bit tired or overwhelmed?  Does all this sound like "too much" for an already busy life?  That's not what this is about.  If you burn yourself out, everyone loses and your Game fails.  Further, if you become too central to your Game, how can it live beyond you?  Remember, even while it is, this Game, in the largest sense, is not about you.  It's about your calling, your Higher Purpose, your Compelling Vision.  It's about creating some portion of a world that would not be as satisfying to live in were your Bigger Game not a reality.  As such, Sustainability of your Game is of paramount importance.

Sustaining your game for the long-term happens at two levels: personal Sustainability and Sustainability of the Game (ie, creating a legacy).

Personal Sustainability:  Living a balanced life is crucial to playing this game.  Since you will be challenged and stretched by your Bigger Game, it is imperative that you take exceptional care of yourself in order for your Game to be Sustainable.  Playing bigger does not imply over-working to the point of exhaustion and/or resentment.  Recognizing that over-dedication (ie, "being a martyr or sacrificial lamb") can itself be a Comfort Zone, we strive for a healthy life balance so as not to become a zealot, or a slave to our Bigger Game.  Burning ourselves out actually hurts our Bigger Game.

What needs attention along the way?  Family, spouse, children, house, hygiene, friends, vacation, finances, "down time," fun and recreation, emotional healing, time in nature, time for reflection?  What else?  What needs to be cleared up or dealt with for us to play our Bigger Game so that it doesn't get blind sided or derailed along the way?

Legacy:  For your game to sustain itself beyond you requires a consciousness in designing your Game.  What needs to happen so that if you were to leave your Game for some circumstance of life, the Game would continue--both for short term interruptions, and when you leave the game for good?  This is the idea of legacy: "This Game will go on without me."  This is not an ego-based model.  Notice that the Game Martin Luther King played has continued for years beyond his death.

What needs to be put in place so that what youíve initiated will survive and thrive, whether you remain involved or not?

Allies can be crucial for our personal Sustainability, as well as for building a legacy.  We train our Allies to check in on us periodically, and tell us to take a vacation, tend to our relationships, or whatever, as needed.  Allies can also used as a yardstick to help us measure our Bigger Gameís forward progress, and to keep us in check vis-ŗ-vis having the game become unsustainably centered around ourselves.

The Bigger Game Model: Example

In 1960, President John F. Kennedy declared to the world that the US would have a man on the moon by the end of the decade.  Making that declaration and committing an entire nation to this Vision was both a Bold Action and an Investment.  At that time, the technology did not exist to make this happen.  Scientists and engineers did not know how to achieve this amazing feat.  And yet, we did it.  One could surmise the Comfort Zones that had to be overcome.  There was a huge Hunger to be the first in the world to accomplish this project.  The Higher Purpose was about demonstrating "world leadership" and taking a "giant leap for mankind."  There were several huge GULPís as well.  (There was no certainty regarding how to get a man to the moon and back safely.)  Massive Investments were instantly made of time, money and resources.  Bold Action showed up by taking huge aeronautical and engineering risks.  Of course, one person could not have accomplished this task --thousands of Allies were created along the way, the taxpayers included.  Interestingly, Russia was actually a huge competitive Ally for JFK by racing us to the moon.  It was a Game that demanded that people take care of themselves in sustainable ways throughout.  It was also consciously designed such that our nationís space program has been Sustained to this day.  Finally, this example demonstrates the mantra of Bigger Game Model: "The size and the quality of the game you play designs who you are becoming."  Major discoveries, skills, competencies and leadership were called forth for our nation by the naming and playing of this Bigger Game by President Kennedy.

The Call: Take a look into your own life and your own organization

What are the games that you are currently playing?  What Bigger Games do you want  to be playing?  For the sake of growing, learning and evolving yourself?  For the sake of making a lasting impression on your world or organization, in a way that makes an important and measurable difference?  What would be the best use of you?  You may not have the answers to these questions yet, nor the "how".  What we'd like to know is if you have the Hunger?

What would our world/society/organizations/communities/workgroups be like if we didn't wait around for the "powers that be"... but, instead, each of us stepped powerfully into his/her own leader, to both become and create the positive change we desire most deeply?  The Bigger Game model was created to give you a vehicle to do just that.  If you have the Hunger for a richer and more meaningful life--and a better world--we have a step-by-step method to take you there.  Are you game?

Rich's current Bigger Games are:
  1. "Empowering at-risk youths (5,000 per year) with new tools for change,"
  2. "Calling forth 10,000 leaders around the world with The Bigger Game model and book," and

I have spent over two years working with Laura Whitworth (co- founder of "The Coaches Training Institute," the "Co-Active Space Leadership" program, and author of the book Co-Active Coaching) and a select group of fellow coaches to test, refine and live the "The Bigger Game" model.  The model is now mature, and I am currently working on the book, as a ghost-writer for Laura...as well as some Train the Trainer materials to disseminate the information to those who will provide workshops for both Bigger Game coaches and leaders. I coach using this model for those who request it, and soon hope to be training other coaches and leaders in "The Bigger Game."

Please call to learn more about this exciting new way of living, leading, and changing the world!

Please see www.thebiggergame.com for information on The Bigger Game Company and their upcoming training and development workshops.

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