The Silcon Valley True Work Circle met for one year and was highly successful:  Almost every member changed jobs, moved out of the area, or both!  As some members who moved wanted to continue to participate, but couldn't attend the local meetings, the Silicon Valley True Work Circle has evolved a new, more versatile format:  The "True Work Coaching Seminar" is the next generation of the local circle, augmented with individualized coaching (to get you there faster and keep you in action between meetings) and teleconferencing (to transcend geographic boundaries).  The local circle may run again, even concurrent to the True Work Coaching Seminar, if there's significant interest.  Please contact us to express your interest in organizing another Silicon Valley True Work Circle (charter from successful Silicon Valley True Work Circle is below).  

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Silicon Valley True Work Circle Charter


The dominant themes that unite us are:

We each feel that we are, or would like to be, in transition, and that we are now, or want to be, moving away from the predominant culture of this valley - in our work aspirations, in our values, and in the ways we are choosing to live.  Some of us would like to act as agents of change, to bring consciousness of these alternatives to others, while some of us prefer to follow that path silently.  Either way, we find it takes courage and community support to swim against the dominant culture.  Most of us have not yet clearly defined what we are transitioning toward.  What we do know is that we seek our TRUE WORK, based on passion.

We find ourselves in need of inspiration, support, creative ideas, reinforcement, and information.  We want to be listened to, deeply and supportively.  What we are saying is often not clear, even to ourselves, as we struggle to redefine ourselves in authenticity, basing our lifestyles and our work on our unique personal, heartfelt passions, rather than social conventions.  We believe that as a group of innovative, curious, passionate individuals, sitting in circle together, listening to each others successes and challenges, offering ideas when sought, sharing our collective wisdom, we can each contribute and be helped along our individual paths.


There is no charge.

We rotate leadership of each meeting.

Our meetings follow the following format:


We no longer meet locally.  Email Susan Nurse or <click here> to learn about our new, teleconference group which you can attend from wherever you have a phone!


Our circle is on going, with participants joining and leaving as befits value derived by each.  We will each invite others to participate as we see a fit between our circle and the needs of others we know.  We ask that when participants decide to leave they announce their intention to do so preferably in-person at a circle meeting.  We also ask that when the circle is not meeting the needs of any individual, that person speak to this openly to the circle, such that we may consider adjustments that may be beneficial to all.  We do not plan to put any limit on the number of participants at this time.  If the circle becomes too large to provide sufficient time to each to talk, we will consider what changes to make at that time.

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