One blindspot/myth most of us who grew up in this society carry, usually quite unconsciously, is this one:

"It's better to achieve something on my own, without any help from anyone; it somehow diminshes me or my achievement if I don't do it all by myself."

The Truth is that humans experience far more joy and fulfillment through working in harmonious partnership with other humans.  We experience that synergistic 1+1=3 energy boost when working in healthy partnership.  We find ourselves capable of far more than either of us would have been capable of individually (including increased strength and courage to push through fear or discomfort to do, be or have what we really want).  We have more creative options and a broader awareness available to us.  We multiply the bliss of our triumphs by having someone "in the know" to share and celebrate with after we cross the finish line--usually in record time.  (Do you know any Gold Medalist who didn't have a coach?)  Finally, more growth, learning and compassion are available to us when we "fail" together (thus eradicating the idea of "failure"), than when we "go down alone."  This decreases recovery time and accelerates the generation of the new methods, strategies or competencies that will produce success.  Obviously, two heads are better than one, as long as the relationship is structured properly and both heads are pointed in the same direction: Your success.

So, it's just a fact that you will always be able to go farther faster in life, to attain and become more of what you want, with the assistance of the right committed partner.  This effect is magnified greatly if that partner has dedicated his life toward becoming this type of partner for you, someone who is both naturally talented and skillfully trained to hold your growth and success as the sole purpose of the relationship.

I assert that, "Whatever ideas you have, as real as they may feel or seem, that argue against this are merely part of the lie that you have internalized by living in a society which places a higher value on me than we."  Remember, this lie is not your fault, it is something most of us imbibed quite without our knowledge or consent.  It is, however, now your choice what to do about this truth, if you are ready to open courageously to it.  In this way, a coach brings you to the water, but it is up to you to take a drink.  As such, the success is still all yours....

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